The Monster Mash Audio Clips
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Samples from "The Monster Mash C.D.
Wav Sounds Scarry Sounds
Monster Mash (1,658k)
Boogie Man (26k)
Ghost (70k)
Transylvania Twist (1,429k)
Scream Female 2 (21k)
Howl - Coyote (23k)
Skully Gully (1,555k)
Thunder (15k)
Welcome (w/spook) (45k)
Irresistible Igor (1,402k)
Wind (eerie) (30k)
Howl - Werewolf (37k)
Real Audio Sounds
Midi Sounds
Monster Mash (494k)
Creep (11k)
Entity, The (20k)
Transylvania Twist (436k)
Halloween 1 (9k)
Possessed (5k)
Skully Gully (467k)
Halloween Theme (52k)
Horror, The (3k)
Irresistible Igor (425k)
Psycho (10k)
Twilight Zone (7k)

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